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Terms and conditions for use of website

By registering on the Website, the User confirms and declares its consent with the following:

The information services on the Website are provided “as they are published”. is not liable for the accuracy of the published information. shall not be liable and shall not be bound with the deadlines for providing information concerning completed orders of the User, the status of his/her or other Users’ requests, questions and comments about products, availability of products, as well as for incurred damages and/or missed benefits and other losses of any kind and size having occurred after, as a result of or due to the use/inability to use (due to technical issues, preventive maintenance, administrator’s decisions, etc.) of the Website. The User may track the status of any order on his/her profile or email. shall not be liable in case that while using the Website or some of its materials the user may suffer any damages, which require repair or correction of the equipment or loss of information and any expenses connected with theremedy of such damages shall be on the User’s account.

The online system for purchases through the Website reflects the product availability as at the time of the check and, considering the dynamics of the goods turnover, it is possible that specific items and related accessories, published and represented on the Website as “available” as at the time of the check, are depleted at the time of the order order and may not be ordered and delivered through the online shop. In any case, shall notify the users having made an order through the Website about its ability/inability to deliver the goods ordered through the online system.

To use the Website services, the User shall access the World Wide Web directly or through other devices that have access to Web-based content and shall ensure any equipment required for access to World Wide Web including PC, modem or other device for Internet access. shall not be liable for any disturbances or technical issues preventing the Website use as a result of the quality of the computer equipment operated by the User.

Upon registration on the Website, the User shall provide true, correct, full and up-to-date information required to perform the sale by filling in all mandatory fields of the registration form. After the successful registration, the User shall give his/her explicit consent, through the registration form on the Website, that he/she can be contacted by third persons including but not limited to couriers and others in order to specify some details concerning the performed order and the subsequent delivery of the goods.

The Seller shall not be liable for improperly and/or incorrectly delivered order in case that the User has provided incorrect, untrue or incomplete information and shall also be entitled to refuse further access of the person to a part of or to all services offered by the Website.

By making registration on the Website and ticking the field “We need your consent to process your personal data in accordance with the new Regulation!”, the User confirms and declares the following:

The user shall give its perpetual, explicit and unconditional consent up until the possible explicit cancellation in writing thereof that his/her personal data can be collected, stored, processed and used by and/or third persons authorized by the company on contractual or other ground including but not limited to: Companies performing courier services, banks, other traders, etc. for marketing and advertising purpose and analyses by or other persons, participation in games, promotions and lotteries organized by, as well as for any other purpose that are not prohibited by the law.

To receive information through the provided contact details, commercial messages for products and services of and/or ongoing activities, marketing and promotional messages and/or for the purpose of marketing research and data collection and in case that he/she does not wish to receive such information, the User shall explicitly refuse receiving it through the request and contact form specified on the Website.