Laser Rangefinders


  • Unmatched Accuracy – range in up to 1500 yards with the ABL 1500. One button operation through your ATN Smart device makes ranging easier than ever.
  • Smart Ballistic Calculator – just press one button to integrate with your Smart device.
  • Pairs with ATN Smart HD devices.
  • See the Distance to your target on your Videos, your video will have the range tag on it.


  • Ranges the target at 1000/1500 yards with unrivalled precision.
  • Connects to ATN day/night/thermal Smart HD Device via Bluetooth.
  • Feeds the Ballistic Calculator of your ATN Smart HD Device with range data for automated point of impact correction.
  • For traditional scopes, can be used in conjunction with ATN Ballistics app which shows by how many clicks you need to adjust your item turrets in order to hit the target.
  • Fog mode allows to read the distance to your target in adverse weather conditions.




When out in the field, there is a need to range the precise distance to your target. Our rangefinders not only tell you the distance but can also be connected to a smartphone app to give you ballistics calculations or connect to one of our smart optics for instant POI correction.

Our rangfinders vary from 1000 yard to 1500 yards models. You will never find yourself in a position not knowing the distance to your target. These units are easy to use and are a game changer for those who need accurate measurements.