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Laser Ballistics

Laser Ballistics


Handheld Smart Laser Rangefinder

Introducing a handheld laser rangefinder with mobile app connectivity for easy ballistics calculations. Connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone to get distance readings and reticle adjustments quickly. It is very lightweight and has a Fog mode and Range mode, so any weather factors will not be challenging.


OTS LT 320 6-12X

Monocular de imágenes térmicas con sensor térmico de 60 Hz, batería de más de 10 horas, alivio ocular cómodo

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OTS 4T 640 4-40X

Smart Thermal Imaging Monocular With Video Recording

Original price was: €5,199.00.Current price is: €3,899.00.
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ODIN LT 320 2-4X

Super Tiny Thermal Imaging Monocular With Extended Battery and Multiple Mounting

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OTS 4T 384 7-28X

Inteligentny monokular do obrazowania termicznego z nagrywaniem wideo

Original price was: €3,599.00.Current price is: €2,899.00.
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Iluminador infrarrojo ATN IR850 Pro

Un iluminador infrarrojo de 850 mW de larga distancia muy potente.

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OTS 4T 640 1-10X

Monocular de imagen térmica inteligente con grabación de video

Original price was: €3,899.00.Current price is: €3,199.00.
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OTS LT 320 4-8X

Wärmebild-Monokular mit thermischem 60-Hz-Sensor, 10+ Std. Akku, angenehmer Augenabstand

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Casque universel

Apportez cet accessoire polyvalent à votre aide sur le terrain pendant que vous effectuez des observations prolongées.

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