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ATN Extended Life Battery Kit

ATN Extended Life Battery Kit


Can support your binoculars or monoculars for up to 15 hrs.


Charge your ATN binoculars while out in the field with the Extended Life Battery Kit. Use the included micro USB cable, which is tucked seamlessly into the neck harness for the binoculars. Charge your device on the go for up to 15 hours. This battery kit is compatible with BinoX 4K, BinoX 4T, OTS LT, and OTS 4T.


ATN IR850 Pro Infrared Illuminator

An extremely powerful, long range 850 mW infrared illuminator.

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Extended life Battery Pack for ODIN LT

The Lithium Ion battery will double the time you can use the ODIN LT while observing the scene.

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OTS 4T 384 2-8X

Smart Thermal Imaging Monocular With Video Recording

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OTS LT 160 3-6X

Thermal Imaging Monocular With Thermal 60Hz Sensor, 10+ hrs Battery, Comfortable Eyerelief

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ATN Deluxe Binoculars Bag

A comfortable and ergonomic bag with plenty of storage space for your BinoX 4K/4T and or OTS LT/4T units.

ATN Lens Tissue

A high quality optical lens tissue for lenses.

Universal Helmet Mount Kit

Using the device hands free will allow longer time observing the scene, reducing hand fatigue by not needing to hold the monocular with your...

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OTS 4T 384 1.25-5X

Smart Thermal Imaging Monocular With Video Recording

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