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SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC

SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC


High Quality 64GB MicroSDXC Ultra Sandisk Card.


This high-quality 64 GB Micro SDXC Memory Card is ideal for ATN’s Smart devices like BinoX 4K/4T, X-Sight LTV/4K, and OTS 4T. Take pictures and record videos of your adventures in the wild and store them on this large capacity and high-speed memory card.


-1% DISC.

OTS 4T 384 1.25-5X

Smart Thermal Imaging Monocular With Video Recording

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-19% DISC.

BINOX 4T 384 1.25-5X

Smart HD Thermal Binoculars with Laser Rangefinder

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-8% DISC.

BINOX 4K 4-16X

Smart Ultra HD Day/Night Vision Binocular with Laser Rangefinder

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